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MobiCASE 2010 Call-for-Participation

The Second International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services
October 25-28, 2010 - Biltmore Hotel & Suites, Santa Clara, CA, USA

Early Registration Deadline is October 9! Register now for this exciting event! Free registration ($250 value) to the Sprint Developer's Conference will be provided to the first 30 university researchers or students who register for the full non-student MobiCASE rate.

There will be an exclusive Exhibit Center tour and reception at Ericsson Silicon Valley.


  • Philippe Lucas, Senior Vice-President of International Standards & Ecosystems Development, France Telecom Orange: Providing Interoperable Enriched Services to Customers
  • Marc Davis, Partner Architect, Online Services Division, Microsoft: Understanding Mobile: Connecting People, the Web, and the World
  • Tor Björn Minde, Head of Ericsson Labs: Open Innovation Enabling the Connected Things Vision


  • Adam Blum, Rhomobile: Effective Informational Smartphone Apps
  • Tony Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley: Engineering Issues in Mobile Application Development



MobiCASE, the 2nd International ICST Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services is an international conference specifically focused on application-layer research and development in mobile computing: applications, application management, and application services. Research work presented here is driven by what we see in the consumer space today: high-end mobile phones, high-bandwidth wireless networks, novel applications, scalable software infrastructures, and of course an increasingly larger consumer base that is moving towards an almost all-mobile lifestyle.


The program comprises 15 excellent papers and two invited speakers. The presented research covers recent novel work in mobile web and mashups, software engineering and development tools, cross-layer approaches, location-based services, mobile health and mobile social networking. The list of papers accepted to MobiCASE can be found at:


  • Mobile Advertising: Strategies, Platforms and Opportunities

    Moderator: Rich Wong, Accel Partners

    Vishal Gurbuxani, Co-Founder, MobClix
    Kedric Van de Carr, Director Publisher Development & Monetization, Smaato
    Elgin Kim, Western US and Asia Sales, Nexage
    Sean Galligan, VP Business Development, Flurry
    Stephanie Bauer, Associate Director of Mobile Marketing & Advertising, Verizon Wireless
    Alex Linde, Director, Mobile Advertising, Yahoo!, Inc.

    Sponsored by Wireless Communications Alliance

    Mobile content providers are funded by the service providers, of course, but we are increasingly seeing new applications supported by direct sales and advertising. The billion-dollar market for mobile advertising is currently experiencing a CAGR exceeding 40%, with the result that the competition for place is intense throughout the food chain and those who invest in it. A panel of distinguished mavens discusses the winning and losing strategies that potential competitors would be wise to adopt.

  • Mobile Cloud

    Moderator: Reed Peterson, Corporate and Business Development, GSM Association

    Weidong (Larry) Shi, Senior Researcher, Nokia Research Center
    Tony Kueh, Senior Director Product Management, Sybase
    Kiumarse Zamanian, Adjunct Professor, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley
    Lisa Peterson, Director, Solutions Marketing, Neustar

    As mobile handsets become more ubiquitous, and the demand for storage and processing power increases, the Mobile Cloud is quickly becoming indispensable. This infrastructure - where both the data storage and data processing happen outside the mobile handset - is rapidly changing the face of mobile and providing more innovation, opportunity, and access to the end user. This panel will discuss the key players, technologies, business models, and challenges effecting that change.

  • Mobile Innovation: The Next Generation of Mobile Applications and Services

    Moderator: Raj Singh, EIR, Storm Ventures & Co-Founder of YumYum Labs

    Neal Goldstein, Author
    Joe Jasin, Managing Director, DNA Investments
    Dhana Pawar, President, Girls in Tech
    Nimish Radia, PhD. Distinguished Researcher, Ericsson Silicon Valley
    Juggs Ravalia, VP, Strategic Alliances, SPB Software
    Ted Selker, Associate Director, Mobility Research Center, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley

    Consumers, developers and companies have become comfortable with the role of app stores and frameworks in (quickly) creating and distributing applications for various mobile devices, supported by services in the cloud. With dozens of app stores and more than a hundred thousand applications available, what have we learned? What is the next big thing after location-based applications? Will 4G change the kind of applications that consumers want? With the increased power of HTML5 and WebKit on the dominant platforms, will browser based or resident applications dominate? What do device makers and operators need to provide to differentiate their offerings? How will the deluge of new kinds of connected devices ranging from phones, tablets, cars, cameras and TVs affect developer decisions? What are the most exciting new applications you know about? These and other questions will be addressed by the panelists in this closing event of the conference.


MobiCASE will include a rich collection of hands-on demonstrations and posters on mobile applications. The list of posters/demos can be found at:



  • Nokia Developer Workshop co-sponsored by Mobile Innovation Forum and Forum Nokia
  • Android Technical Session sponsored by SV Android Developers


To register for MobiCASE 2010, please visit:


The conference is taking place at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara, CA. For further room-booking details, please visit:


General Chair
Martin Griss, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, USA

Technical Program Committee Chair
Guang Yang, Nokia Research, USA

Industry Track Chair
Christian Martin, Institut Telecom, France

Posters/Demonstrations Technical Chair
Angela Nicoara, Deutsche Telekom Inc., R&D Labs, USA

Posters/Demonstrations Marketing Chair
David Kagan, Kagan Media Net, USA

Workshop Co-Chairs
Yingen Xiong, Nokia Research, USA
Djamal Zeghlache, Institut Telecom, France

Local Arrangements Chair
Stacy Marshall, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, USA

Publicity Co-Chairs
Wendy Fong, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, USA
KRS Murthy, I Cubed, Accelerated Corporate Growth Experts, USA


Chair, Imrich Chlamtac, CREATE-NET, Italy
Thomas Phan, Microsoft, USA
Petros Zerfos, IBM Watson Research Center, USA